App connects activists with actions. Our goal is to improve the democratic character of our political system and to make institutions more responsive and accountable to public opinion.

The basic idea of the app is that there is no straightforward, centralized place to find out about activist events in one's area. The app solves this problem by allowing users to input their location and interests and returns a list of local events. Users will also be able to submit their own actions. In the future I hope we can add more features so that it is a platform for all kinds of activist actions, ranging from calling Congressional representatives to signing petitions to attending protests.

Skills desired:

(1) Android development (Java, Android SDK)

(2) front-end design (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

(3) create additional features for iOS version (Objective-C)

(4) web-scraping (ruby or any preferred language)

(5) backend / api development (Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL)

For all, need to be familiar with version control (git).

over 5 years ago