Aaron Gertler

New Haven, Connecticut

Skills: Copyediting, editing writing to be more persuasive/readable, resume/cover letter editing, standardized test tutoring (from a rational, evid...

Aaron Thoma

Germany, Darmstadt

Alex Altair

Berkeley, California

Alex Boyd

Vancouver, British Columbia

Earning to give; found my way into EA during my Phd at oxford; currently working for a tech startup in the bay area.

Alexander Dietz

Los Angeles, California

Alexei Andreev

San Francisco, California


Alice Ravenscroft

London, United Kingdom

Allison Schneider

Cambridge, Massachusetts

MIT student, lighting designer, aspiring effective altruist

English Teacher, Startup Fanatic. Willing to help with most skill-based projects (and willing to train for it). Currently looking for a programming...

Ben Gilbert

Salzburg / London

I worked as a trader for some years, now trying to build a start-up in the area of peer-to-peer lending, with the goal of having more resources for...

Ben Harrison

Manchester, United Kingdom

Ben Kuhn

Berkeley, California

I'm currently a data scientist at an early-stage financial technology startup.

Previously, I helped start Harvard College Effective Altruism, no...