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Proofreading and constructive criticism

over 4 years ago

Some examples:

about 5 years ago

I'm happy to be the second set of eyes on your content to make sure it is print-ready.

about 5 years ago

Anything related to Chinese language (Mandarin learning, translation proofreading, or anything in Chinese y...

about 5 years ago

If anyone need to translate document or TED talk of effective altruism from English to Chinese, I would lov...

over 5 years ago

Not exactly a rare skill, but I'm good at English and Dutch, so I can translate stuff for you.

about 6 years ago

If you have recorded interviews (audio files or videos) that you think would be valuable for other EAs to h...

over 6 years ago
over 6 years ago

I work as a writing tutor, and have practice with essays, papers and emails. Contact me if you are interested.

almost 7 years ago


New Requests

I'm running a Twitter feed aimed at people who are getting to grips with EA.

I'd like to know - firstly is it wo...

almost 6 years ago